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Name: Maximillion "Max" J Russo
Canon: Roommates (sorry there's no wiki for this, so I'll work on a good synopsis of his routes and endings later)
Age: 18-19 (depending on canonpoint)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual, with a large preference for women*
Profession: Member of a rockband/college student majoring in Music(and business depending on the his ending)
Background: A young man entering his first year of college at Liberty University at the insistence of his parents. He has no plans of graduating though, wishing to concentrate on his band instead and plans to dropout once he's earned enough money. Max ends up rooming in Latin House with five other students, all of them eccentric in their own way.* Depending on the players actions, Max can end up either buckling down and becoming a good student, throwing it all away for his band or even managing to have both. He can also find love and friendship depending on what events are selected and which stats are raised.
Personality: Max is outgoing, a typical slacker party animal. He loves drinking and flirts with girls. He's a bit vain and egotistical, enjoying compliments from girls and seeing himself as a rock god through and through. He cares more about his band than his grades, finding the idea of studying at best aggravating, if not completely beyond his capabilities. He's rebellious, becoming belligerent when he feels restricted. He's a bit of a prankester, especially if it's someone uptight like Dominic, who gets the full brunt of his bullying in canon.

Despite that though, he can also be very kind, often making an effort to help his housemates out in various ways. He trys to help shy Anne get out and make friends and he also takes some of Sally and Rakesh's weirder and often troublesome ideas in stride. While he'll continue flirting with others even when he's in a relationship, Max is generally a very supportive boyfriend, loyal to his SO throughtout and beyond college.

While his focus on his music over his studies can seem frivolous, it's also clear that Max has actually put some thought into it. He realizes that his band is going to take a lot of dedication and sacrifice in order to make it to the top and Max puts 100% into it. He's shown to be a good promter, always taking an opportunity to grab good gigs for Back Alley Flash. He loves being up on stage and works hard with his bassist and lyricist, Memphis. However selfish it is of him to betray his parent's expectations, Max fully believes they'll be happy for him once they see him being successful on the stage.

While he acts like his a dumb slacker, canon shows that Max is pretty intelligent when he aplys himself, though he'll still deny it when others comment on it. Max has a difficult time enjoying learning, indicating that his bad grades might be more due to boredom and disinterest than a lack of actual intellect. There's also the fact that Max believes he can't have good grades and be in the band at the same time, a fact that tends to bare out in most endings for him, with the splitting up if he studies hard enough.


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